Curbing our environmental footprint

As a responsible corporate citizen, Compagnie de Mont Choisy Limitée has implemented a broad community support and environmental protection programme through its social and environmental responsibility initiatives.

These endeavours are managed by Mont Choisy Corporate Social Responsibility (MCCSR) Ltd, launched in 2016 for this very purpose. A budget of around Rs 50 million has been earmarked to fund the Group’s various social and environmental initiatives over a five-year period (2016-2021).

Mont Choisy Smart City promotes sustainability by blending a modern Mauritian community with responsible development. Eco-smart systems include solar panels, rainwater collection (with the golf course using 100% treated wastewater) and transport hubs for electric cars, e-bikes and buggies. Soft landscaping lies at the heart of our smart city, connecting the buildings to the natural surroundings with their colourful indigenous plants. Such splendour is further echoed by Le Coeur de Mont Choisy, a pristine and untouched heritage site standing close by.

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