Our History

Mild climate and abundant beauty

Mont Choisy was discovered in 1747 by a young French officer, Captain Jules Armand de Mont Choisy.

Compagnie de Mont Choisy was established 200 years ago and the first sugarcane plantations were introduced in 1820. Aloe vera was planted in 1875, to replace sugarcane that was lost due to the proliferation of diseases, as well as successive droughts which adversely affected crops.

The naturally mild climate and abundant beauty of Mont Choisy have attracted people from around the world

Including the famous Austrian explorer Isa Pfeiffer, the French adventurer Joseph Lambert, and the French aviator Maurice Samat. The Plaine de Mont Choisy was also the place where horse racing meets were held in 1891. Now the gateway to the North, Mont Choisy leverages its glorious past and ancestral assets to transform into a world-class resort, all the while preserving its historical heritage and the natural surroundings.It has become a lifestyle destination with houses, villas and various leisure areas, at the heart of which stands a spectacular golf course.

Our History

Mont Choisy throughout the years

  • 1820
    Beginning of activities
    Compagnie de Mont Choisy was launched to operate sugarcane plantations on part of the land.
  • 1875
    Cultivation with aloe vera
    The proliferation of diseases and a series of droughts led the Company to partly replace sugarcane cultivation with aloe vera. The leaves of this robust plant were used to make jute bags for transporting sugar.
  • 1891
    Horse racing
    The plain of Mont Choisy staged horse racing events.
  • 1933
    First international flight between Mauritius and Reunion Island at Mont Choisy
    The Mont Choisy race track, which subsequently accommodated the country’s airfield – which was the landing site for the maiden international flight between Mauritius and Reunion Island – before it was transferred to Plaisance.
  • 2009
    Mont Choisy Property Development is incorporated
    Diversification of the Group’s activities to adjust to changes in the Mauritian economy and the emergence of new sectors. MC Property Development was incorporated and branched out into property development with the construction and marketing, a few years later, of luxury IRS villas and apartments.
  • 2012
    Mont Choisy Le Mall
    Inauguration of Mont Choisy Le Mall.
  • 2015
    Mont Choisy Smart City
    Initiation of administrative procedures relating to Mont Choisy Smart City.
  • 2015
    Mont Choisy Le Parc
    Commencement of construction of Mont Choisy Le Parc
  • 2015
    Ground-breaking for the only championship golf courses in the North.
  • 2016
    Establishment of Mont Choisy CSR Ltd
    Establishment of Mont Choisy CSR Ltd to manage the Group’s social and environmental projects.
  • 2017
    Incorporation of Mont Choisy Smart City
    Laying of the foundations for the Smart City project.

Mont Choisy




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Established in 1820, Compagnie de Mont Choisy Limitée is a leading real estate development company that has started as a small sugar estate and become a well-structured, planned and diversified organisation, offering its stakeholders the opportunity to enjoy the best that Mauritius has to offer.