Jogging Tracks

Mont Choisy Smart City will advance the concept of smart living through the development of jogging and cycling tracks, constituting another step towards embracing a greener and healthier lifestyle. Horse riding has been a traditional activity in Mont Choisy, hence the creation of a dedicated track to cater for this sport, in keeping with the heart and soul of the estate.
“Exercise is medicine.” Ever heard of it? Scientific research proves regular exercise - about 150 minutes a week -, especially running, has health benefits extending well beyond any pill doctors can prescribe.

Enjoy Mont Choisy La Destination’s two jogging tracks and keep yourself toned and healthy! Whether you opt for the 4.5-Km track around the golf course or the 3.5-Kms circuit around our natural forest, we guarantee a peaceful experience at the heart of nature.


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Jogging Tracks

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Jogging Tracks